Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Iisa Pa Lamang - Episode 71

Thanks to my friend M of Pinoy Away From Home.

In the Torralba house, Toby and Sofia are standing as Raphael walks into the living room. "Kuya, kukunin lang ni sofia yon mga naiwan nyang gamit sa itaas, as a somewhat nervous Toby tells his older brother. Of course, as nice and understanding Raphael is he let's out a sigh first, even a little smile.. then says "Sofia, sigurado ka ba gusto mong umalis?" [Toby and Sofia look at each other] Rapheal continues to tell Sofia that she doesn't have to leave and she's welcome to stay. [Sofia begins to smile a little]

"Opo kuya Raphael" Sofia says, "kawawa naman kasi si ate Louela, siya lang magisa sa apartment." [Here, Raphael's smile is just beaming at Sofia as she speaks] Sofia adds that they will be the ones to take care and run Amadesto, so they will have to go back and forth there. Raphael still smiling says "ok, but kung sakali gusto mong bumalik, the door is open for you." Sofia is always welcome sabi ni Raphael. Relaxed now, Sofia is smiling at Toby and thanking kuya Raphael for his generous offer. Raphael then asks Toby to go with Sofia upstairs to help her with her belongings, "para kunin yon damit nya." [Both Toby and Sofia leave the room] "Ok, sige" sabi ni Raphael. Still in the living room standing, Raphael picks up a magazine on the table and flips through the pages. The front door opens and in walks two of Rapael's trusted men, to inform him that the precinct has called and Catherine's transfer vehicle has been ambushed. With a look of shock and confusement, Raphael begins to ask what happened to Catherine? Raphael is then told that it looks as though Catherine knows who ambushed her because they let her escape. About to say something, Raphael stopped in thought, just shakes his head in disbelief.

Vernon brings Miguel to the place where Catherine is being held captive. There are about 4 "bad" men in a not so bright room watching over Catherine who is laying down on a leather sofa. She looks to be asleep. Immediately upon seeing Catherine, Miguel walks to her and crouches to see her condition. "Ano nangyari sa kanya" Miguel asks the 'bad' men. Because Catherine was putting up a fight, one of the men tells Miguel he put her to sleep somehow to prevent her from getting hurt any further. Angered at this explanation, Miguel starts to throw punches at the guy. Vernon intervenes and the punches stop, he even lightly pats Miguel on his back. Miguel gives his attention again to Catherine, touching her forehead and arm. As Miguel is caring for Catherine, his father tells him "dito muna kayo, hindi na kayo mahahanap ni Raphael at Marko dito." Miguel looks over at Vernon "salamat tay." [All the while, such dreadful music is playing in the background]

Back at the Torralba house, Toby is helping Sofia pack her things into a luggage. Sofia comments how she may have heard kuya Raphael's car leave and Toby thinks maybe his kuya had an emergency. Toby asks Sofia if everything is all packed, he wants to close the luggage but Sofia remembers she still has her toiletries in the bathroom. She leaves Toby for a second and as Toby continues to pack Sofia's hand carry luggage, he finds the missing video he's been looking for. "Bakit nandito to" loudly asking Sofia who is still in the bathroom, "tagal ko na hinahanap eto ha." "What?" answers Sofia from the bathroom. Toby takes the video and plays it, he's watching very carefully and recognizes Vernon in the video. Sofia catches Toby watching the video and has a very scared look on her face. "Si Vernon ang nasa video di ba" an angered Toby asks.

Catherine still asleep is having dreams of her court hearing and the guilty verdict. In her dream the judge is hitting the gavel "bam bam bam" which suddenly awakens Catherine. Quickly Catherine sits up and finds herself in an unfamiliar room by herself. Catherine starts to feel her hands from behind, she now realizes she is not in handcuffs. As she looks around the room Miguel enters with a bowl of soup it looks like. "Miguel, anong ginagawa natin dito" she asks. "Ummm.. dito muna tayo titira, tinakas kita.. malaya ka na Catherine" Miguel answers. Catherine not understanding begins to pace the room. [Dreadful background music returns]

Toby asks Sofia a second time if it was Vernon in the video. "Oo" swallows back Sofia. The angered Toby can't even face Sofia as he tells her how she's known for a long time but hid it from him. Sofia's voice now a bit shaky tries to explain how she wanted to let Toby know but was afraid that he'd be so mad at her. "I didn't want you to hate me" said Sofia. Raising his voice now and this time facing her.. Toby goes off saying, "Sofia hindi ako tanga!" [shakes his head] "You're not Vernon.. hindi kita sisisihin sa kahit anuman ginawa nya sa Papa ko." [Toby still looks cute angry, haha]"Pero ito.. iba yan eh, matagal mo nang alam na naghahanap ako ng clue para sa ambush ng Papa ko!" [Sofia begins to look teary eyed] "Isa yan napa importanteng lead! Pero, nilihim mo sa akin! Ha?!" [Enter the dreadful background music] Sophia desperately apologizes and tries to tell Toby that she did what she thought was right. Toby in anger can not understand this. Toby gets closer to to Sofia's face, what's right.. to protect Vernon? "Pinoprotect mo ang killer ng Papa?" Sofia crying now tries to reason with Toby that they're not sure Vernon knows anything, that he was just there at the scene, they're not sure.. "walang ibig sabihin yon." Toby can not believe what Sofia is saying, to think that "walang ibig sabihin yon" then to hide it from him, to steal the video.. "bakit.. bakit Sofia? Dahil alam mo guilty siya?" [Tears start to fall from Sofia's face] Because of that.. di ba Sofia, dahil diyan, Toby says "I think I hate you." [Toby leaves a crying Sofia]

Really not knowing what is going on, a very confused Catherine is telling Miguel her situation is not good and this will not help her case. Stubborn Miguel only thinking of himself says "Catherine, hindi ako papayag na makulong ka, and hindi ako papayag na matuloy ka mawala sa buhay ko." [Drama.. cue in the dreadful background music] Catherine pacing the room knows her problem just got bigger and needs not run but face it, even if the court finds her guilty. What's important to her is that Raphael knows she's innocent. This doesn't go well with Miguel, in fact he becomes very defensive. Miguel starts to yell and do some finger pointing.. "where is the good Raphael now, Raphael left you Catherine, he turned his back on you."

[Miguel takes hold of Catherine and shook her, later he holds her face] "Catherine, hindi kanya mahal.. ako nandito para sa iyo, andito ako para alagaan ka, para protectahan ka, Catherine.. hindi ako papayag na may masama mangyari sa iyo, maniwala ka sa akin." [Miguel is breathing so heavy now while Catherine has a very hurt look on her face] Sill trying to convince Catherine of his love for her.. "dito ka lang, hindi kita pababayaan, maniwala ka sa akin.. dahil mahal na mahal kita." He tells her she's the first woman he's ever loved and the only one he's going to love till the end. [yawn.. sorry but um, ya zzzzzzzz, maybe it's that dreadful background music] Miguel is desperately trying if not forcing Catherine to believe in his love for her. As Miguel is holding Catherine's face, he brings her closer to him and tries to kiss her but Catherine pushes him off her. "Ano ba!" says Catherine. The two now are very angry at each other, Catherine is in tears while Miguel has a problem feeling rejected. Crying and shouting at the same time, Catherine repeats herself "tapos na tayo.. tapos na tayo."

"Si Raphael na ang mahal ko" cries Catherine.

Foolishly Miguel replies "Ilan beses ko ba sasabihin sa iyo, hindi ako naniniwala diyan." He doesn't believe a word Catherine is saying because it's just not true to him. [Catherine can't help but just turn her back on Miguel and now seems annoyed] Miguel actually thinks Catherine is hurting him on purpose to get back at him because of their past. He's so blinded by his love for Catherine that he believes nothing else to be true. That Catherine really loves him instead of Raphael. Sabi pa ni Miguel kay Catherine "wag mo pa ipilit si Raphael." And so now their past resurfaces.. Miguel thinking it will help their situation, expresses that he was at fault in the past but also Catherine. This alarms Catherine.. "ako?!" Now she has no choice but to make Miguel see how wrong he is and that she is not at fault.. telling Miguel that he married for money just so his family can keep the hacienda. Upset and crying as well, Miguel shouts back

"Pinagpalit mo ko!"
"Pinagpalit mo ko sa isang lalaki!"

"Pinagpalit mo ko sa isang Emilio!"

[Catherine is more confused than ever]

Isadora comes home only to be looking for Miguel, she's calling her son's name but of course Miguel is not there. Vernon comes out of the room and Isadora proceeds to tell him the news that Catherine has escaped. Isadora wants to warn Miguel because she doesn't want Catherine asking her son for help. Isadora continues to call for Miguel in the house but Vernon interrupts and tells her he's not home and that he's hiding, along with Catherine. [more background music starts to play, something not as dreadful but upbeat with motive] Isadora can't believe what she's hearing from Vernon. "Gago talaga ang anak mo, gago!" was Isadora's reaction. She can't believe her son is helping Catherine again and even more, is wondering how Vernon already knows of the news. Vernon explains that his men helped Miguel. "Eh mas gago ka pala" sabi ni Isadora kay Vernon, "bakit mo pinabayaan yon anak natin, hindi mo ba alam na lalo siya nalalagay sa peligro, sa ginawa mong yan.. ha, isa ka pang tanga!" Well because of Miguel's problems with Marko and Raphael, this had to be done Vernon said to Isadora and besides.. all the problems started with her, so if she wants to blame anyone, blame herself.

Catherine is still hopelessly trying to understand the accusations Miguel is throwing at her. She's trying to make it clear that she never had a relationship with Emilio but here's Miguel still in denial. Miguel actually thinks that he can accuse Catherine and just drop it.

"Tapos na yon.. napatawad na kita, ang importante magkasama na tayo ngayon" sabi ni Miguel.

[Catherine shaking her head as though she's saying, no, no, no] Tells Miguel it's very important to her. "Importante sa akin Miguel, dahil wala akong kasalanan sa iyo, wala kaming relation ni Emilio.. wala akong kasalanan sa yo."
Miguel in flashback remembers seeing the pictures of Emilio and Catherine in bed and tells her that he's seen all the pictures.

Catherine in disbelief "anong litrato?"

[in tears] Miguel begins to tell Catherine how he searched for her during the time she was missing, every day he'd search, weeks and months.. people would even tell him that she'd already replaced him with another man but he wouldn't believe it, until the day came when Sofia told him she saw Catherine speaking with Isadora and accepted money from his mom, just so Catherine and Emilio can start a life together. Catherine remembers that very day and quickly corrects Miguel, that that's not what happened. She never accepted the money from Isadora, the money that was suppose to be a deal to stay away from Miguel. With so much dignity in her voice, Catherine tells Miguel again "Hindi ko tinanggap yon." Here again is Miguel questioning Catherine on where she was the whole time then.

[Catherine sitting on the sofa] "Nasaan ako, nasaan ako?" "Anduon ako sa Castillejos Memorial Hospital sa basement nakakulong!" reveals Catherine. [painfully crying more so now and picks up something on the sofa, throws it against the floor] Catherine explained further that Isadora locked her up there for months and all sorts of drugs were given to her, how weak she'd become and there were those days that she couldn't even remember anything. If it hadn't been for Louela, she wouldn't have been able to escape much more be alive today.. unlike my her child. [Catherine pours out more tear] Miguel is in shock once again, to find out that Catherine was pregnant at that time. Catherine tells Miguel that Isadora knew she was pregnant but she didn't care, didn't care.. "binalewala nya yon, wala siyang pakialam kahit buntis ako, patuloy parin ako tinuturukan kong ano anong gamot, hanggan sa tinakas ako ni Louela, hanggan sa.. sa nakunan ako, nakunan ako!" [flashbacks of the horrible ordeal come to mind] "Pinatay nya ang anak ko, Miguel hindi lang ako nagdusa dito, hindi lang ako nagdusa dito, pati ang anak ko, anak natin." [Catherine is crying with such hurt in her voice her words are shaky and not clear] Miguel feels and relives the pain with Catherine, he is devastated to finally know the truth. Catherine is beside herself and completely at a loss now for words, the only thing left to do is keep crying. Miguel joins Catherine, tries to control his tears and at the same time comfort Catherine. Miguel begins to try and hold Catherine's tearful face, he's unsure of what to do or say. He starts to ask for Catherine's forgiveness "patawarin mo ko, hindi ko alam, wala akong alam, wala nagsabi sa akin, maniwala ka sa akin, wala nagsabi sa akin." [Miguel can barely speak, his tears are muffling his words]

Catherine continues to tell Miguel that everyone was on Isadora's side, and that's why her case against Isadora was not believable. "Si Raphael lang ang nanindigan at nagtanggol sa akin" cried Catherine. [again Miguel reaches to touch and hold Catherine's face, but Catherine turns the other direction]

[endless tears keep falling] "Bakit hindi mo sinabi sa akin" Miguel asks.

[painfully crying, half screaming] Catherine grabs Miguel's shirt "sinabi ko sa yo, sinubukan ko sabihin sa yo" [she grabs his shirt and shakes him] "Natatandaan mo ba, noon unang beses, sinubukan ko sabihin sa yo, pero hindi ka nakinig, pinagtabuyan mo ko." [Miguel continues to ask for forgiveness, cries for forgiveness while sitting on the floor, he leans forward to lay his head on Catherine's chest. Catherine cries along with him, the two comfort one another.]

Toby makes a surprise visit at Isadora's place and Vernon is the one that opens the gate to find him there. Vernon tells Toby that Sofia isn't there but a very serious faced Toby answers back to Vernon that it is he, he wants to speak to. Vernon looks uneasy at Toby's request.

Meanwhile, Raphael is at the police precinct to get answers on how Catherine escaped. The police tell Raphael that the transfer vehicle was blocked, a rain of bullets were fired at them and an investigation is ongoing. Raphael is wondering who were the men that took Catherine and why? What happened looks to be the work of professionals, the police tell Raphael. The police have already informed and placed an all out bulletin on Catherine.

Toby is inside Isadora's place sitting down having a discussion with Vernon who is looking at himself in the mirror. Vernon is asking Toby what is it that Toby wants to talk about with him. Toby explains that he's making a tribute video about his mom and dad, so he has to interview people that know them. [Toby's voice doesn't sound too friendly] Vernon comments on what an ok idea that is but he really doesn't know his parents too well. Toby questions Vernon on this. Vernon points out that he knows Estelle plays mahjong with Isadora and his dad was a congressman but he doesn't know them personally or anyone else in his family. Toby with a look of disgust on his face then asks Vernon what does he know about his papa's death. Vernon gets a bit suspicious at this and asks what he means by his question. Toby fires back that he's taking feedback from those that know about the ambush. Vernon tells Toby he just read about the ambush in the paper. More questions is given to Vernon, if he watched it, if he saw it? But Vernon stuck to his answer. Toby then right out asks "bakit pinatay ang papa ko?" Now Vernon walks from where he was sitting to where Toby is sitting, looks down at Toby the last question was directed at him. Toby without fear answers that he thinks Vernon knows the reason because Sofia mentioned to him that Vernon is an ex con, so more than likely Vernon would know how a criminal thinks. Vernon let's Toby know that he was into smuggling not killing and knows nothing what happened to the ambush. Toby leaves a very doubtful Vernon.

At the hospital, Estelle's condition has not changed. A doctor and nurse check on her vitals.

Raphael is found napping at home by his assistant who dropped by with the monthly construction report for Amadesto Highway. Too sleepy to look at it, Raphael tells his assistant to place it on the table. The assistant offers Raphael some coffee but "hindi na, thank you" said Raphael. There is also an approval needed for an Amadesto gym, says the assistant. This suddenly gives interest to Raphael as he remembers that that was the proposal that Miguel gave to Marko Silvestre. Raphael isn't going to deal with that now because Miguel still has alot of explaining to do on why Miguel even gave that project to Marko Silvestre. "Where is Miguel anyway" asks Raphael to his assistant. According to the assistant Miguel hasn't been to work, they can't get a hold of him and no one knows where he is. Raphael is suspicious of this.

Miguel stepped out to get 5 cans of sardines, little did he know that he'd be watching Catherine on the news in the store's tv. Catherine is a wanted criminal. Raphael is also watching the same news at home and thinking of Catherine's whereabouts.


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