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Iisa Pa Lamang - Episode 66

Thanks to my friend M of Pinoy Away From Home.
Scarlet is still at the office and has just finished checking over a folder. She gives an ok response on the folder and hands it back to a company worker. Catherine now enters the room. The two look upon each other with coldness and the insults begin. Scarlet starts to give Catherine a once over on her appearance. It seems as though Catherine is all dressed and ready to go somewhere, wearing a black cocktail dress.

"Wow Catherine, ibang klase, napaka social climber mo talaga ano?" Scarlet snobbishly comments. "You're going home and you even thought of the changing outfits?" [Here Catherine gives a darting look at Scarlet almost preparing herself for a good comeback reply. Catherine's very bright red lipstick gives you the feeling that a bold statement is about to come out of her mouth]

"And I must say, you look a bit over dressed to be going home to a squatters area." Scarlet added. Alam mo, sabi ni Scarlet, isa pang napansin ko ha "you were able to buy millions of stocks dito sa companyang ito pero hindi mo magawang bumili ng ibang bahay." "Napaka walang class mo talaga."

[Catherine takes in the neverending insults]

Finally Catherine replies (rolling her eyes as well), Scarlet.. hindi naman importante sa akin kong anong meron ako or kong saan ako nakatira, ang importante sa akin "ay ang makuha kong anuman ang meron ka" "Ka gaya na lang itong company, I bought the majority stocks para lang agawan sa iyo, and hindi lang yon ang kaya kong agawan sa iyo" [Catherine inches closer toward Scarlet as she speaks]

[Miguel enters the room now and stands alongside Catherine.. tries to utter a word, but fails]

Catherine turns to acknowledge Miguel then says, "ah at oo nga pala, kong bakit ako nakabihis ng ganito, para lang maging maganda para lang kay Miguel." (Catherine waves her one hand in the air as if it's something not out of the ordinary, then points her finger to herself) "May date kasi kami" (Catherine turns to look at Miguel then back at Scarlet) "how do I look?" says Catherine.

"You look like a dirty whore who's just about to do her job" quips Scarlet.

[Catherine just gives her dark red lipstick smile at Scarlet]

"Thank you" answers Catherine, "coming from you, I should be flattered and Miguel should be excited." [Catherine leaves Scarlet with her deliciously satisfying comment] Byeeee.. "Let's go" Catherine takes Miguel's arm and the two walk out of the room, leaving Scarlet in misery and a shot of their backside. Haha!

At Isadora's house now, Estelle makes a visit and the two are sitting down having a talk. Isadora tells her friend that it's good she stopped by because she gets a bit sad, missing Sophia and all.

"Mare, hindi ako magtatagal" adds Estelle, "ah, I stopped by only because I want to pick up the handkerchief I lent to you. Do you remember? That time that you were drunk?"

Sounding a bit on edge and nervous, Isadora replies "ah o oo of course, ahh (pretending to be thinking) why do you want it back, I already used it?" Well, it's ok said Estelle, "I will have it washed and I noticed in your place you don't have a washing machine anyway." Isadora nervously gets up and tells her friend she will look for the handkerchief. A bit loss for words, Isadora walks away and back toward Estelle "pero mare, bakit mo pa kukunin.. ang yaman yaman mo naman? I'm sure ang dami mong panyo, wag mo na kunin" said Isadora. Estelle gives the reason to Isadora that it's part of a set so it will not be complete if one handkerchief is missing and one more thing, it's a gift from her husband Enrique so there is sentimental value, especially now that he is gone. Suddenly Isadora is more unsure of what she should say to her friend but only that she will look for it and if the handkerchief can't be found will just buy her a new set of 3. "Yong 3 for 100" sabi ni Isadora kay Estelle, "ako pa mag buburda nang initials mo, ha" Estelle still sitting gives no comment and you can tell her mind is racing with suspicions. The two women just shake their heads in an unsatisfied fashion.

In prison, Sophia is holding a rosary in hand, laying down and praying to the good Lord, "Lord, sana po magawa ng paraan ni kuya Miguel ang hiling ko, sana madala nya dito si ate Catherine, kailangan nya po malaman na wala akong gagawing masama kay Mang Rolando, hinding hindi ko magagawin yon sa tunay kong ama, kailangan malaman ni ate Catherine na kapatid ko siya." (tears are streaming down Sophia's face as she prays but she looks very hopeful)

Catherine and Miguel are in the dark having a drink at the office. Catherine tries to explain to Miguel, "Miguel, pasensya ka na, etong kasi si Scarlet eh, I want her to get jealous, kaya tuloy nagamit kita." For Miguel the matter is ok and it's been talked about already. Catherine then begins to tell Miguel the real reason why she went to dinner with him, because she has lots of questions for him, especially now that her grandmother left the hacienda to her. "Paano bang napamamalakad nang mama mo nuon sa hacienda?" Miguel tells Catherine that he'd really like to give her answers but he has something to ask of her first and hopefully she complies. Catherine is puzzled, hmmmm.. but Miguel answers quickly, it's not what you think, although he can also give in to her if he wants.

"Ano ka ba Miguel, serioso ako" says Catherine. Miguel says the same, that he's serious and that he wants her to speak to his sister. Annoyed at Miguel's request, Catherine wonders "what for?" Miguel tells Catherine he doesn't know why, while Catherine answers back, whatever the reason is she doesn't want to see or speak to Sophia "kahit kailan". Miguel starts to tell Catherine all over again that he believes his sister is innocent. Angered at this, Catherine blurts out "walang inocente sa pamilya mo."

"Pati ako?" asks Miguel.

"Lalo ka na!" is what Miguel got shot back at him, from Catherine who takes another sip at her drink.

Miguel doesn't stop at trying to convince Catherine to speak to his sister, that this is the last thing he will ever ask from her. He even points out how he helped Catherine in getting the stocks of the company but Catherine doesn't take this too lightly. Naniningil daw si Miguel and she's doing a good job at ignoring Miguel's request. Miguel continues to make Catherine understand, that even just this favor to give in, that all she has to do is listen to what Sophia has to say and that there is truly something important she needs to say to Catherine. "Sige na Catherine, ano.. payag ka na ba?" Catherine finally agrees but tells Miguel to make sure she doesn't waste her time going.

The following day there is a board meeting and Scarlet casually enters the board room, almost dancing her way in and saying how sorry she's late. Board members do not look all too pleased at Scarlet's lack of responsibility for the company. She gets a lecture from Catherine on respecting others and their time.

"Ngayon kong hindi mo kaya ang oras ng pagtatrabaho, mag resign ka na" sabi ni Catherine.

Scarlet does her best to answer, blah blah blah.. please, don't give me a sermon is what she tells Catherine and that Catherine is no longer her mother, step mother for that matter. "Thank God for that" answers back Catherine and "Talaga!" came out of Scarlet. Then Scarlet adds, that she had a hard time getting up this morning because of morning sickness and Catherine can never know how that feels because she's not pregnant. The insults start to fly again in the room and the members at the table just look on at each other. Scarlet ends with "you know there are people and women who are just not meant to be mothers." This hits hard with Catherine because she begins to remember in flashback how she lost a child during that whole kidnapping ordeal. Well, Scarlet notices that Catherine stayed very quiet and has more to add that it must really hurt to hear the truth huh. All Catherine needed to say and address the room was that Scarlet needs to stop using her pregnancy as an excuse because even before she got pregnant, Scarlet was always late and absent. Catherine points out that Scarlet is an unfit mother and unfit to run a company. Then who should be fit asks Scarlet to Catherine, YOU? "Of course, Me" answers back Catherine. As if Catherine is saying to Scarlet, duh, we're the only ones fighting for this position and she's going to make sure that Scarlet loses. Anyway, Catherine addresses the board members to move for nominations for company President. Members begin to share their nominations and equally both Catherine and Scarlet are nominated. Both girls look at one another,

"Good luck bitch" says Scarlet to Catherine.

"May the best bitch win" smiles Catherine to Scarlet.

Sophia is thanking Toby for visiting her today. Toby reassures and promises Sophia that he will stand by her especially when that day of the hearing arrives. Sophia can't hide that she is very nervous but Toby reassures her again na hindi siya makukulong- not to worry, he'll do everything to help her. Sophia confides in Toby that she will speak to Catherine. Toby is alarmed at the news and is concerned that maybe Catherine will harm Sophia somehow. Sophia continues to tell Toby that she needs to speak with her and is prepared of consequences. Toby makes it clear to Sophia if she's sure of what she's about to do because he's weary of her plans. Toby tries to reason with Sophia that Catherine may harm her in anger but Sophia just stares and doesn't seem to be listening. He tells her, "ang alam nya.. ikaw ang pumatay sa tatay nya." Toby is trying to get Sophia to listen. Then all of a sudden Sophia confidently says "kailangan nya malaman ang totoo.. kailangan malaman ni Catherine na kapatid ko siya." Teary eyed, Sophia tells a shocked Toby she's not joking around and she has a DNA proof, that they're sisters. Catherine is her sister. Toby could not speak but continued to be in shock.

Board members are now listening to Scarlet's reasons on why she should be President of the company, for one.. that's the only thing her papa ever spoke about growing up and that one day she in turn will run Dela Rhea Foods Company for him. Scarlet comes out saying "this company is my birthright and it's always been a family corporation." (some members look on and agree) Scarlet then points out to the board that her papa treated most if not all of them like family too, where would they be if it had not been for her father, what kind of life and status would they be in and states that it's not so bad of an idea that as pay back and respect "honor my father, honor his wishes".

"Vote for me, vote for me as President of Dela Rhea Foods, dahil tunay akong Dela Rhea.. blood is always thicker than canal water" Scarlet throws the insult and stands behind Catherine's chair. (board members start the applause)

Ako naman ang magtutuloy - Betcha. Thanks M! :)
Now, it's Catherine's turn
Catherine : Dela Rhea Foods is indeed a family corporation. Hindi lang ho ako naging bahagi ng korporasyon na 'to, ng pamilyang ito, naging bahagi rin ako ng pamilya nyo. Karamihan sa inyo ay nandidito na nung ako pa ang namumuno at presidente nang Dela Rhea Foods. Nakita nyo naman kung papaano ang pamamalakad at pagpapatakbo ko. At karamihan rin sa inyo ang nakaranas ng pagpapatakbo ni Scarlet. Iisa lang ang gusto kong sabihin sa inyo... sa kaninong pamumuno ba, mas lumaki ang kinita ninyo? LET THE FIGURES SPEAK FOR ITSELF. Well, nasa sa inyo yan kung gusto ninyo na by the end of the year e ga-SINGKO lang na dibidendo na mauuwi ninyo. By all means, vote for Scarlet. PERO kung gusto ninyo na gumanda at umunlad ang mga buhay ninyo, ako ang iboto ninyo. DAHIL SISIGURADUHIN KO, LAHAT TAYO LALANGOY SA PERA. (palakpakan ang mga board member na panig kay Catherine) You know, blood maybe thicker than water, pero sino naman ang may gusto ng infected blood? Kung si Scarlet ang iboboto ninyo na tila ang dugo ay sobrang infected ng HIV virus... para nyo namang tinaningan ang korporasyon na ito. (palakpakan ulit ang mga maka-Catherine)
-Kinakabahan si Scarlet, samantalang si Catherine ay very confident.

Paalis si Miguel at nakita nito ang ina na nagbabasa ng newspaper
Miguel : Hindi ka ba pupunta kay Sofia? (hindi sumagot si Isadora) Buti pa ang ibang tao... nagpapakita ng suporta. Samantalang sarili nyang ina
Isadora : Sino ba iyong ibang taong tinutukoy mo na nagpapakita ng suporta?
Miguel : Si Catherine.
Isadora : Ano? Ano naman ang koneksyon nya kay Sofia? Bakit nya pupuntahan ang kapatid mo?
Miguel : Si Sofia ang humingi ng meeting kay Catherine.
Isadora : Bakit daw?
Miguel : Hindi ko alam, ayaw nyang sabihin. Sa pagkakaalam ko importante ang pag-uusapan nila.
-Mukhang kinabahan si Isadora

Sa Dela Rhea Foods
Scarlet : Board members bago tayo magsimula, ahm gusto ko lang ipaalala sa inyo ang NAPAKA-IMPORTANTENG salita... ang LOYALTY. Alam ko marami sa inyo, hanggang ngayon pinapahalagahan nyo parin yung pakikipag-kaibigan nyo kay Papa. Siguro naman, panahon na para ibalik natin sa kanya ngayon ang lahat ng pabor na ginawa nya para sa atin. He made you VERY, VERY RICH MEN. Kaya naman sa tingin ko, dapat ang iboboto nyo ay ang kanyang one and only daughter. Don’t let him down... ako ang iboto nyo.
Catherine: Kilala ko si Martin, remember I was once married to him. Meron syang ISANG NAPAKAHALAGANG salita na sinabi sa akin... HARDWORK. Binuo ni Martin Dela Rhea ang Dela Rhea Foods sa pamamagitan ng sipag at tyaga... kagaya ninyong lahat, kagaya ko. Lahat ng meron tayo ngayon pinaghirapan natin, hindi natin basta-basta na lang MINANA! Pinagtrabahuhan natin ng maayos. Ngayon, alang-alang sa alaala ni Martin, kung gusto nyo pang mapaunlad ang Dela Rhea Foods, ako ang iboto ninyo at huwag ang SPOILED BRAT nyang anak na si Scarlet.
Scarlet : HOW DARE YOU Catherine, napaka-walanghiya mo talaga!
Catherine : Ayan! Iyan ba ang gusto nyong mamuno nang Dela Rhea Foods? Iskandalosa... walang breeding. Scarlet, don’t take it so personal, this is just business.
Scarlet : Tapusin na natin 'to. Magbotohan na tayo! Mamimili kayo, it’s either HER or ME
Catherine : Alam nyo, tama ka. Tama ka Scarlet. Tama si Scarlet.

Nag-umpisa na ang botohan sa Dela Rhea Foods. Nakatayo si Louela sa tabi ng very confident na si Catherine dela Rhea. Nasa likuran naman ni Scarlet Castillejos si Winnie, parehong kinakabahan.

Pinuntahan ni Isadora ang anak na si Sofia sa bilangguan
Isadora : Hi anak! O ano kumusta ka? Bakit parang hindi ka naman natutuwa na nakita ako?
Sofia : (nakasimangot) Teka nga muna 'ma, bakit kayo napadpad dito? Hindi naman ito on the way sa casino, naligaw ba kayo? O baka naman na-bored lang kayo at wala kayong mapasyalan o wala kayong perang pag-mahjong.
Isadora : (pabulong) Huwag kang bastos ha. Nanay mo pa rin ako. Ngayon nga lang tayo nagkita, ganyan pa ang tabas ng dila mo.
Sofia : Dapat nga kayo ang nandito eh. Ako dapat ang bumibisita sa inyo. Gusto mo ba yun 'ma? Anytime puede akong magsalita pero dahil nanay pa rin kita nagtitiis ako. Saan ka naman nakakita ng nanay na hinahayaang makulong ang anak nya?
Isadora : Sige na, sige na peace na tayo. Mayroon ka pang padeny deny na nalalaman dyan. Eh kaya nga yung abugado natin, naghahanda ng mabuti para mapalaya ka. Okay na yun, ha? Teka muna, ano 'tong nababalitaan kong meron kang ibang inaasahan na dumating dito? Si Catherine ba?

Sa Dela Rhea Foods
Board member : And the final vote... is for Catherine dela Rhea!
-Tuwang tuwa si Catherine sa pagkapanalo nya bilang presidente ng kumpanya... landslide ang pagkapanalo nya. Nagpalakpakan ang mga board member sa kanilang bagong presidente. Galit na galit naman si Scarlet sa pagkatalo.
Catherine : Hindi ka lang pala SPOILED BRAT, LOSER KA RIN! Bastos. Kaya umalis ka na, bago ako tumawag ng mga security para kaladkarin ka palabas
Catherine : GET OUT Scarlet!
Scarlet : Hindi pa tayo tapos Catherine. Tandaan mo... MATUTUOS PA TAYONG DALAWA, TANDAAN MO YAN!
Catherine : Okay. Bye! Tsupe! Alis!
-Hindi makapaniwala na lumabas ang naiiyak sa galit na si Scarlet, kasunod si Winnie.

Isadora : Alam ko ang tungkol sa date nyo ni Catherine. Tungkol saan ba ang pag-uusapan nyo?
Sofia : That’s none of your business.
Isadora : Ang business mo, business ko rin dahil anak kita.
Sofia : Wala ka na doon 'ma, it’s personal.
Isadora : Personal? O pam-pamilya? Tungkol saan ba yung pag-uusapan ninyo? Huwag na huwag ka lang magkakamali na sabihin kay Catherine ang totoo. Kahit na anong tungkol sa akin, at tungkol sa kabaliwan mong tatay mo si Rolando, okey?
Sofia : Hindi kabaliwan iyon 'ma. That’s the truth, may pruweba ako.
Isadora : Pag sinabi mo ang pruweba mo, maaaring mawala sa akin ang Amadesto. Kaya hindi ka pwedeng magsalita.
Sofia : Dapat lang! Dahil you don’t deserve it 'ma. Hindi naman ikaw ang tunay na may-ari ng Amadesto eh.
Isadora : O sige, kapag sinabi mo kay Catherine ang totoo, isa lang ang pwedeng maging ibig sabihin nun... kailangan ko na syang…dispatyahin.
-Nakangiti pa ang bwesit na si Isadora. Labis na nabigla si Sofia sa pagbabanta ng ina.
Sofia : Ano? Papatayin mo sya?
Isadora : Why not Sofia? Kaya huwag mo akong susubukan. Tutal naman di ba, 'yan ang tingin mo sa akin? Isang halimaw. Kaya pag sinabi mo kay Catherine ang totoo, makakakita ka talaga ng totoong halimaw.
-Habang nagsasalita si Isadora ay hinahaplos haplos pa nya ang buhok ni Sofia at pinahid sa pamamagitan ng daliri ang luha ng anak.

Sa office ni Cong. Torralba. Magka-usap sina Raphael at Miguel
Raphael : Ano okey ka lang ba?
Miguel : Okay lang. Napagod lang. Late na kasi kami umuwi ni Catherine e.
Raphael : (matamlay) Magkasama kayo kagabi?
Miguel : Oo. Lumabas kami. Pumunta kami sa Aria restaurant, okey dun a, ang ganda. Kwentuhan ng konti tapos nagyaya syang mag-night cup, alam mo na then we had coffee, masaya!
-Tinitingnan ni Miguel ang napakalungkot na si Raphael. May tumawag kay Miguel sa cellphone.
Miguel : Hello! Catherine! Yeah. O tuloy ba tayo? Great! Okey. O sige susunduin na kita. Bye!
-Malungkot si Raphael habang nakikipag-usap si Miguel sa cellphone kay Catherine.
Miguel : Excuse me Raphael ha. Kailangan ko nang sunduin si Catherine e. Sige!
-Tinapik pa ni Miguel sa balikat si Raphael bago (Damang dama ko ang sakit na nararamdaman ni Raphael huhuhu!)

Kasama ni Miguel si Catherine nang dalawin nya ang kapatid. (pareho nilang half-sister si Sofia). Yamot si Catherine na humarap kay Sofia. Iniwan ni Miguel ang dalawang babae para makapag-usap.
Catherine : May sasabihin ka daw sa akin? Pinapunta mo ako dito, ano 'yon?
Sofia : Kumusta ka na Catherine?
Catherine : Hindi ako nagpunta dito para makipag-kamustahan sa iyo o makipag-plastikan. May sasabihin ka daw. Sabihin mo na.
-Nag-aalinlangan si Sofia na sabihin ang totoo kay Catherine. Naalala ni Sofia ang "pagbabanta ng ina sa buhay ni Catherine".
Sofia : Catherine...
-Aalis na sana si Catherine pero pinigilan sya ni Sofia
Sofia : Catherine sandali!
Catherine Ano ba?
Sofia : Gusto ko lang sabihin na sorry sa nangyari kay Mang Rolando.
Catherine : Sorry? YUN LANG? Pinapunta mo ako dito para mag-sorry? Sofia gusto ko lang malaman mo na kahit ano pa ang gawin MO, hinding hindi kita mapapatawad sa pagpatay mo sa ama ko.
Sofia : Catherine hindi ko pinatay si Mang Rolando. Maniwala ka sa akin
-Galit na umalis si Catherine. Umiiyak si Sofia.


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